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Apply for an Investigation under the EBR

Think somebody is breaking an environmental law?You can ask the government to investigate.

If you believe that a person, company or group is violating an environmental act, regulation or instrument, you can ask the government to investigate the alleged violation.

For example, Ontarians have asked the government to investigate:

  • Industrial noise coming from a neighbouring agricultural mill
  • The discharge of untreated sewage in several provincial parks
  • Damage to cougar habitat caused by commercial forestry operations
  • Leachate leaking from a landfill and contaminating local water sources

Since this tool was created, Ontarians have submitted over 230 applications for investigation. Although ministries often deny applications, they frequently visit the sites of alleged contraventions and act on issues raised in applications.

For a detailed description of the review process, please see How to Prepare and Submit an Application for Investigation in our guidebook, The EBR and You.

For some stories about successful applications, read on ...

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