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Statements Of Environmental Values

Each of the ministries subject to the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) has a Statement of Environmental Values (SEV). The SEV is a ministry statement that guides the ministry when it makes decisions that might affect the environment. The ministry must consider its SEV when it makes an environmentally significant decision. The minister must consider the SEV when deciding to conduct a Review or Investigation under the EBR.

Each SEV should explain:

1. How the ministry will consider the environment when it makes environmentally significant decisions.

2. How the ministry will apply the purposes of the EBR when it makes environmentally significant decisions.

3. How the ministry will integrate its environmental values with social, economic and scientific considerations when it makes environmentally significant decisions.

How Do I Use The SEV?

You can use the SEV to see how each ministry complies with the EBR. For example, you may be concerned about a proposed ministry policy. You can use the ministry's SEV to see if the proposal reflects the goals of the EBR and is consistent with the ministry's stated environmental values.

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) also reviews how the ministries apply their SEVs to their decision making. If you think a ministry has made a decision that isn't consistent with its SEV, contact the ECO.

Where Can I Get The SEV?

Each ministry's SEV is posted on the Environmental Registry. You can also get the SEVs from the individual ministries, from the Environmental Commissioner and at participating public and First Nations libraries.

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