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Your Rights under the EBR

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The EBR and You:
A guide to exercising your right to participate in environmental decision making in Ontario

Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) is a ground-breaking law that was passed in 1993. Thanks to the EBR, the provincial government has a responsibility to consult the public on environmental decisions, and the public has the right to have a say. (Read the law itself, and its regulations which describe how it applies to different ministries and laws and how it applies to Instruments.)

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) is charged with monitoring and reporting on how well the government complies with the EBR. Find out more about the role of the ECO.

What does the EBR mean for me?

Under the EBR, you have rights to participate in ministry decisions about the environment and hold the government accountable for those decisions. (The EBR applies to environmentally significant decisions and proposals made by certain Ontario ministries or under certain Acts.)

You have the right to:

The Environmental Registry

A key tool of the EBR is the Environmental Registry, a website that lets you have a say about environmentally significant decisions in Ontario. Thanks to the EBR, the government is obliged to consider your comments. Click here to find out more about the Environmental Registry.

Statements of Environmental Values

Each of the ministries subject to the EBR has a Statement of Environmental Values. The SEV guides the minister and ministry staff when they make decisions that might affect the environment. SEVs are available on the EBR website. Click here to find out more about Statements of Environmental Values (SEVs).


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