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The Ecozones of Ontario

The Ecozones of Ontario

Hudson Plains - light green

Hudson Plains: These poorly drained plains may be the largest co-extensive wetland on the planet. This insect infested landscape of bog and fog" rarely rises above 120 m elevation. The only change is the belts of raised beaches where the land is rebounding from the retreating glaciers of the last ice age. Another transitional zone, the north is similar to the Arctic, with few trees. The south resembles the Boreal zones, but with sparser vegetation. The fauna consists largely of migrating waterbirds and Polar Bears.

Boreal shield dark green

Boreal Shield: Here, where the Canadian Shield and the Boreal forest overlap, is the landscape that has shaped our national identity. Glaciers left millions of lakes, ponds, and wetlands, although the land is still about 80% covered with Black and White Spruce, Jack Pine, and Balsam Fir forests. The wetlands are diverse and productive, providing homes to ducks and geese. animals which are considered the very symbols of Canada, beaver, moose, wolf, and bear, can be found roaming the forests.

Mixedwood Plains - brown

Mixedwood Plains: This is a region of gently rolling plains, extensive waterways, and rich soil. It has abundant fresh water resources, with the Great Lakes containing 20% of the world’s fresh water. Two main forest ecosystems, the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence, and the Carolinian forest of Tulip Trees, Blue Ash, and Kentucky Coffee Trees have little of the original forest remaining due to urbanization. Located in the midst of a significant North American storm belt, the weather can change very rapidly.

Protected area boundary outline

Protected Area boundary

Protected Area

Provincial boundary outline marker

Provincial Boundary


Major highway

TransCanada highway lines

TransCanada Highway

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